Our lovely tool board Woop! Lots of images here The workshop is officially open – Mon Tue 5-8pm, Wed Thu 1-6pm. We had a busy day up there today, there’s now 14 candidates applied for our build-a-bike courses, and today we had two people in fixing their bikes with Sandy’s help. Martin sorted out some niggly gears, brakes and headset issues, while Jim came in for an hour or so and cleaned and oiled his chain and freewheel, which were starting to seize up (despite liberal applications of cheap margerine to his chain – we think this could be a new market: “I can’t believe it’s not chain lube”) . Jim told us he rides around a lot and it helps keep him in good health, but lately he’s not been out on his bike at all because it wasn’t working and he’d been told it’d cost £70 to fix. All it needed was the right tools and a few drops of oil – Jim’s well pleased and he’s coming back next week to learn more about bike maintenance.