The Trust has been working with COPE to support local volunteers in researching people’s attitudes to sustainability issues – energy efficiency, recycling, carbon footprint reduction, that kind of thing.  So what the heck does your carbon footprint have to do with mental health?  Well, DRCET and COPE both understand that taking positive action for the environment makes you feel good.  It’s empowering.

The results of our volunteers’ research is here, and what they found was a great willingness to be greener, but a lack of knowledge and understanding about how to go about it.

So, feeling positive and empowered, the volunteers decided to form a new group to take their findings forward and do something about it!  And so WeeFeet has been born – West End Enterprise For Energy Efficiency Today. The group is hatching all kinds of plans to spread the message about reducing carbon footprints, becoming “agents of change” to encourage our communities to make more sustainable choices.   To see the minutes of their last two meetings, have a look here.  The next one is onTuesday the 26th of January at COPE’s office (map here) for 6:30pm.  If you want to get involved, drop us a line in the comments!