More Than Recycling 2010 is the CRNS annual awards ceremony coming up on the 17th March.  And we have been nominated for an award by a mysterious admirer!

This is very exciting, because:

a) It’s another excuse to go out on a rickshaw.
b) There’s no such thing as a free lunch, but we might get a free dinner.
c) We might win an award (unlike last time).

So VOTE FOR US!!! (you need to be a CRNS member though).

Although we haven’t blogged about our composting project much yet, we are very proud of it, and promise to get some good pictures and stories online soon.  Here’s our (ehm, I mean ‘the’) pitch for the award:

Kingsway Focus Composting Scheme — A pioneering food residue recycling
scheme for the residents of the Kingsway high-rise flats in Scotstoun, launched in May 2009. This initiative, unique in Scotland, sees the conversion of residents’ food residues to compost that can then be used for other purposes; an excellent example for other community groups across Scotland that seek to develop and implement initiatives that promote environmental sustainability in the local area.

Weekly door-to-door collections total over 500kg from 230 households, with residues processed at an in-vessel facility located on the ground floor of one of the buildings. The resulting high quality compost is destined for a communty garden, also on site and tended by volunteer residents. Fresh produce grown here completes the cycle.

The process produces 90% less CO2 emissions than sending the waste to
Landfill, creates employment, and empowers the community to take positive environmental action in an area with limited recycling opportunities. Participants report that they reduce their food waste because they see exactly how much is left over each week. And they enjoy contributing to a project they can see in action, with a relationship to the collectors and volunteers involved.