A loooong day today – but a good one! This morning the De’ils on Wheels posse rolled out on the White Bikes ride out from Kelvingrove Park to George Square. Amy, Denise, Andrew, Mirella, Monty and Sandy took part and then cunningly handed out a couple of hundred flyers to the massed cyclists at the end. If you are one of them – hello, and thanks for visiting! Check out some of the other posts about DoW here here and here, or see photos here

We were mostly promoting our plans to start up fix-your-own-bike sessions at the workshop, which we should be ready to do very soon! If you’d like to do this, get in touch or keep an eye on the blog for news – remember you can subscribe by email with the button on the left of this page. The idea is that people can give their bikes some tlc using our tools, equipment and advice – in return for a donation to the project. We just need to upgrade a few workstands and sort out some other bits and bobs before we let in the hordes! Also we were appealing for bike donations. C’mon, where are they all?

After a lunch pit-stop we all went back to the workshop, even though it was officially closed for the day, to do some tidying up. But our ‘customers’ had other ideas! We told everyone that the workshop would be closed next week, as we’re off to do training. So EVERYONE wanted their bike fixed/adjusted/tyres pumped etc etc. So a deal was struck – help us tidy the workshop, we’ll help you fix your bike. Tidying took 20 minutes, but repairs took 2 hours. Abdullah built his bike just 2 weeks ago but was in for a new back tyre already. “Do skids on the grass” we told him, “But that doesn’t leave cool marks on the tarmac” he replied.

At 7pm we shut up shop and a couple of us went down to the WeeFeet meeting in Scotstoun Community Flat. Exciting things are in the pipeline – watch this space!