l-r Andrew, Monty and Andy.

UPDATE – You can monitor the lads progress via Monty’s twitter page: http://www.twitter.com/missingl_nk (#24west)

De’ils on Wheels has a problem – we’ve done so much bike fixing that we’ve worn out our work stands, and they are on their last legs. We’d like to buy professional stands that can take the heavy use we inflict on them, but there is a catch – they cost £300 each, and we need three of them! £900 is a huge hole in our budget, but Andrew (one of our mechanics/cycle trainers) came up with a plan – do a sponsored bike ride.
OK, but to raise £900 we’ll need a pretty big challenge. Well, Andrew had that covered. “Let’s do the West Highland Way in 24hrs”.  96 miles off-road cycling from Milngavie to Fort William, non-stop. Yikes.  So I’ve done a bit of research – it’s been done before, and here’s what people had to say about it:

“Worst I’ve ever felt in my whole life, no joke. Sore back, sore hands, sore legs. Those were the worst bits. I was honestly thinking of going to hospital”

Another snippet:

“I almost cracked there and then, so dramatic was the change within the environment within my body. Cold to my bones and as weak as a baby, I crawled my way up the climb one step at a time. Breath, step, breath, step, don’t think about the distance, don’t think about the time, don’t think about the weakness washing over your body.”

That last one, by the way, is from a professional endurance athlete (Rob Lee). Fair enough, he was trying to do it there AND back in 24hr, but that description was before he even got to Rannoch Moor, and he had to give up not long into the return journey.  Encouraging, eh?

There’s three of us attempting it; at least our intrepid volunteer, Andy, is a doctor so he can maybe put us back together if we break en route.  In fact Andy is a surgeon, but I can’t help thinking we’d be better off with a psychiatrist.

So please sponsor us!  Email, leave a comment, or see our facebook event here


This is the trailer for the challenge Rob Lee tried.  Again – yikes.