As you may have noticed things have been a wee bit quiet on the blog over the last few weeks and that’s because there have been a few changes going on…

Firstly after two years Ryan Galbraith recently left the Trust to pursue new adventures Down Under. He has been replaced as the Senior Environment Officer by Neil Lovelock, who joins the Trust after six and half years working at the CRNS (Community Resources Network Scotland).

Secondly Fiona McEwan has been appointed as the Centre Manager for the Heart of Scotstoun Community Centre.

And finally the Heart of Scotstoun Community Centre is just about finished and will soon offically open, which is absolutely fantastic news.

The Trust has been instrumental in getting the community centre built and now that it is complete and that Fiona has been appointed things should move forward at a pace. There will be more news about the Heart of Scotstoun Community Centre coming soon!

On behalf of everyone at the Trust we wish Ryan well with his new adventures and we welcome Neil and Fiona to their new positions and we look forward to welcoming you to the new community centre in the near future!