Glasgow City Council recently launched a 10 week consultation for their new Local Development Plan (LDP), which will run until 12 December 2011.

The plan sets out the Council’s land use strategy for the coming years and will provide a basis for assessing planning applications. The plan is scheduled to be competed in 2014 at which time it will replace City Plan 2.

In drawing up the LPD, it is important to take on board the views of the public and other interested parties.  The first key phase of public consultation during the production of the new LDP is on the Main Issues Report (MIR) which is aimed at encouraging discussion on the key changes that have occurred since City Plan 2 was prepared, and at identifying the main issues that the LDP is likely to address, as well as the Council’s ideas as to where development should and should not take place.

The MIR contains details of 40 of the most important planning challenges that Glasgow faces, which have been summarised in a series of postcards that can be viewed on the Council’s website. These 40 issues are explored under six themes:

  1. The Sustainable Use of Resources – Planning for the prudent and sustainable use of natural and other resources, including land, energy, water, waste and existing built infrastructure, including the public transport network and utilities.
  2. A Sustainable, Strong Economy – Planning for an attractive and accessible city and a range of effective employment locations (including the City Centre, town centres and industrial and business locations), which are appealing to existing and potential businesses, and accessible to residents.
  3. Sustainable, Strong Communities – Planning for enhanced living environments and life opportunities that can help sustain and strengthen the City’s communities and involving those communities in shaping the future of their areas.
  4. Sustainable Connections – Planning for a reduction in the need to travel and a more significant role for active travel and public transport, whilst helping realise opportunities for regeneration and economic development.
  5. A Sustainable Environment – Planning for the protection and enhancement of natural and historic features to help promote biodiversity, flood protection, recreation and active travel and for the role this plays in “place-setting” the City.
  6. Sustainable Design – Planning for distinctive, high quality places, buildings, streets and spaces to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote increased social interaction, physical fitness and more attractive environments for current and potential residents, visitors and investors.

During the public consultation (3 October until 12 December 2011) the MIR and the accompanying documents are available to view at all local libraries, at the offices of Development and Regeneration Services, 229 George Street, Glasgow (during normal business hours) and on the Council’s website.

Comments received during the consultation period will be taken into consideration in drafting the Proposed LDP for Glasgow, due for publication in November 2012.  At that stage, you will have the opportunity to formally object to any aspects of the Proposed LDP with which you disagree.

Planning Aid for Scotland (PAS), an independent organisation, will be running a information session for community councils and community groups which will be held on the morning (9 until 12) of Saturday 5th November in the Parish Halls, George Street, Glasgow.  The event is intended to provide community groups with a better understanding of the content of the MIR and how to prepare effective representations on it.

For more information and details of how to respond to the consultation please visit the Council’s website or email the Local Development Plan team