The City Council are currently carrying out a consultation on the open space strategy for the city.

The Executive Summary from the strategy document states:

“The City of Glasgow has a long tradition in the pursuit of a high quality built environment and public realm, continuing to the present day. This strategy represents the next steps in this tradition by setting out how open space should be planned, created, enhanced and managed in order to meet the priorities for Glasgow for the 21st century. This is not just an open space strategy. It is a cross‐cutting vision for delivering a high quality environment that supports economic vitality, improves the health of Glasgow’s residents, provides opportunities for low carbon movement, builds resilience to climate change, supports ecological networks and encourages community cohesion. This is because, when planned well, open space can provide multiple functions that deliver numerous social, economic and environmental benefits.

Realising these benefits should be undertaken in a way that is tailored to the needs of the City. As such, this strategy examines the priorities Glasgow has set out and identifies six cross‐cutting strategic priority themes for how open space can contribute to meeting them. It should be noted that the themes are not mutually exclusive and, given the potential multifunctional nature of open space, should be delivered in conjunction with one another. The strategic priority themes are:

1    Place setting for improved economic and community vitality;

2    Health benefits and well‐being;

3    Creating connections;

4    Improving ecological quality;

5    Enhancing natural processes and generating resources; and

6    Managing the micro‐climate.”

The deadline for submitting repsonses is 12 Dec 11 and you can find out more on the Council’s website – this includes the full strategy document, the survey and also a set of postcards that have been produced to make it easier for people to respond to the consultation.

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