You’ve probably already seen the TV advert where lots of people hang sheets and blankets out of the windows of a high rise block of flats to create a beautiful image of a tree. (If you haven’t seen it you can watch it below!).

We think it’s a great ad and it’s part of the Scottish Government’s new Greener Together campaign. The campaign has lots of information on eating greener, saving energy, home insulation, travel and recycling and reuse. There is also a dedicated website, where you can sign up to start your own My Greener Plan.

“Greener Scotland is your one-stop website for greener living. This site combines a wide range of information and a heap of resources to help everyone in the country go greener together.

You’ll find all sorts of advice on how to save energy, reduce waste, travel smarter and eat greener. There are plenty of practical tips and useful tools to get you started.”