Last week loads of volunteers from the Clydesdale Bank descended on the Heart of Scotstoun Community Garden to lend a hand!

Over two days nearly 30 people spent time helping out in the garden. They undertook task including weeding, cutting the creche lawn, turning the soil at the back of the building, tidying up and the biggest task – digging and creating a drainage ditch in the area alongside the car park.

Having so many people on site means that a lot of work can get completed in a very short space of time – in two days over 180 hours of work was completed. This would have taken our regular volunteer group a long time to complete and would have been back breaking work for a few people but as the saying goes – ‘many hands make light work!’

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone from the Clydesdale Bank for all their hard work – it is very much appreciated! We’d also like to thank Davie and Yusuf from Glasgow Community Safety Services for organising the volunteers!

(As you can see the first group of volunteers enjoyed much better weather!!)