As part of our new monthly newsletter (you can subscribe here) we are including a section called Friend Focus where we highlight the great work that is being undertaken by one of the many organisations that we work with.

This month’s Friend Focus is on the Kingsway Court Health & Wellbeing Centre, which is based up at the Kingsway Court estate.

The Kingsway Centre was established 10 years ago and has a vision of a proud, capable and confident multi-cultural community. The Centre has a community-led approach and is currently working to increase the social capital in order to address the health inequalities and improving health and wellbeing in the community.

DRCET are currently working with the Kingsway Centre on the Kingsway Court Community Garden. The garden has 30 raised beds which are being used by local residents to grow their own vegetables and flowers. Some of the beds are currently being used to grow willow which will be used in the garden and there are a dozen fruit trees planted around the edge of the garden.

Recent improvements at the community garden include the storage container, which has just been fitted out by Glasgow Wood Recycling, to make it more functional. In addition a path is being installed from the Centre to the garden to allow better access. The path is being installed with the support of  international volunteers who are participating in an Xchange Scotland programme and there will be some creative art installations, lead by Depot Arts as well. The path has been funded by the North West Open Spaces and Environment Programme.

Martin Coyle, Community Health & Development Co-ordinator at the Centre, said “The partnership between the Kingsway Centre and the DRC Environment Trust ensures that both organisations benefit from the experience, knowledge and skills of each others staff and volunteers; it’s also great that we can make use of each others equipment and premises to supplement our own resources.  I’ve found that our joint activities and events are so much better organised and supported and, as a consequence, much more appreciated and useful to local residents.  Working closely with the Trust effectively ensures recycling and environmental issues are always considered alongside health and wellbeing.”

You can check out some photos of the Centre and the garden in the slideshow below!

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Another project based at the Centre is Kingsway Eye community filmmaking group. The group emerged in 2007 as a consequence of partnership work between the Kingsway Centre and Diversity Films.

You can find out more about the Kingsway Centre by contacting them on 0141 959 0129 or by visiting their Facebook page.