As you may be aware there are two proposed waste management developments in the area which are of serious concern to local residents – the North Clyde Recycling Centre in Clydebank and the South Clyde Energy Centre in Shieldhall.

A planning application has been submitted by Peel Environment to West Dunbartonshire Council (ref no DC12/143) to build the North Clyde Recycling Centre.

And a planning application has been submitted to Glasgow City Council (ref no 12/01293/DC) for the South Clyde Energy Centre, which will include an Energy from Waste plant

Both plants will process 250,000 tonnes of waste a year – a combined total of 500,000 tonnes – of which approximately 330,000 tonnes will be turned into fuel pellets which will then be burnt in the Energy from Waste plant at the SCEC.

Local Campaign

We have been attending meetings of various interested parties in the area along the north bank of the Clyde including Yoker Community Council, Scotstoun Community Council and Whiteinch Community Council, to discuss a campaign against the development.

The local communities have several concerns about both these developments including:

  • Health and pollution and the risk of harmful emissions being released, especially the SCEC being located so close to the new Southern General Hospital
  • Lack of consultation – communities on the north bank of the Clyde have not been consulted about the SCEC
  • Traffic and transport – for the NCRC 250,000 tonnes of waste will come into the site and the same amount will leave the site as by-products. That will generate a lot of HGV traffic on the roads
  • Evidence of need – feeding an Energy from Waste plant for the next 30 years will clearly act as a barrier to further increasing waste minimisation, reuse, recycling and composting and achieving Scotland’s aspirations for a Zero Waste future
  • Energy production – energy produced will be used to provide heat and electricity locally however there is no agreed infrastructure to carry energy from the plant.
  • No site operator – the developer will not operate the site

Submitting objections

The SCEC planning application has been submitted to Glasgow City Council. The date for submitting representations to the Council is Wednesday 1 August. We have drafted a blank letter of objection which you can download here Blank_ObjectionLetter_SCEC_25Jul12.

The NCRC planning application has been submitted to West Dunbartonshire Council. The earliest this will go to planning committee is 4 September and so representations must be submitted at least two weeks before hand (20 August) We will post a similar letter here in due course.

There is also another waste management facility proposed for the Polmadie/Toryglen area, which local communities are campaigning against.