As part of our monthly newsletter (you can subscribe here) we have a section called Friend Focus where we highlight the great work that is being undertaken by one of the many organisations that we work with.

This month’s Friend Focus is on Heart of Scotstoun, which is a project we have been friends with for a very long time!

The Heart of Scotstoun Centre is managed by community co-operative and charity Heart of Scotstoun Ltd, whose aims are that all the services and amenities it provides will be in accordance with the following mission statement:

“Heart of Scotstoun Ltd is a Co-operative for the benefit of the Community which seeks to include all Scotstoun residents in the ownership, development, running and enjoyment of a thriving and sustainable community centre.”

DRCET have been working together with HoS on various projects including Big Green Sundays and the community garden at the community centre, which will be developed further over the coming months.

We have recently put together a progress report on the Heart of Scotstoun – click on the image below for more information!

You can find out more about Heart of Scotstoun by visiting the Centre, on their website or on their Facebook page.