As part of our monthly newsletter (you can subscribe here) we have a section called Friend Focus where we highlight the great work that is being undertaken by one of the many organisations that we work with.

This month’s Friend Focus is on the West and Central Voluntary Sector Network (WCVSN), which maybe an organisation you don’t know much about!

WCVSN is a member organisation of small and medium voluntary sector providers in the West Area of Glasgow and currently has over 100 members.

The Network works to provide advice, information and training to the sector and supports organisations to engage with the West and Central & West Community Planning Partnerships and other statutory agencies and public sector bodies.

Bronagh Gallagher, the Network Co-ordinator, says,

“WCVSN knows that it’s essential that voluntary sector organisations are connected, informed, and supported if they are going to be able to survive and thrive in the current context, so that’s what we aim to do. However, the real strength of the network is being able to connect to over 100 different organisations in the area and helping them to help each other.”


There are many benefits for us as a member of the the WCVSN. They provide a range of training opportunities, often at low or no cost. They also provide networking opportunities including their regular speed networking sessions.

One really useful service they provide is the weekly news bulletin, which lands in your inbox every Friday. It is full of useful information which makes it much easier for us to keep up to date with events, funding opportunities and other developments in the area.


DRCET currently represent the WCVSN on the North West Open Spaces and Environment Group (OSEG). This group is responsible for driving forward a programme of work including the North West Open Spaces and Environment funding programme. In addition the group promotes other initiatives such as the Council’s stalled spaces programme. The OSEG reports to the Strategic Green Space Partnership Group and provides updates to the Local Community Planning Partnership Boards.

For more information on the work of the West and Central Voluntary Sector Network please visit their website or contact Bronagh Gallagher.