The European Week for Waste Reduction runs from Saturday 17th to Sunday 25th of November 2012 this year.

Zero Waste Scotland are the official organisers of the week in Scotland and are encouraging businesses, educational establishments, voluntary organisations, charities and retailers to make a change to everyday behaviour to reduce the amount of waste produced, particularly food waste. Even the smallest changes in daily lives can make a big difference in our local environment and help Scotland to move towards becoming a more sustainable and resource efficient society.

The themed campaign week focuses right at the top of the waste hierarchy on reducing and preventing waste being generated in the first place.

Our 5 simple steps to Slim Your Bin will also help you on your waste reduction journey.

By reducing the amount of waste that we all produce at home, at work and when we are out and about, we can also reduce the need for large scale waste management sites, such as the one proposed for Rothesay Dock.