We are delighted that we have been selected by the University of Glasgow Settlement to participate in their Find a Solution programme.media_126956_en

Each year 3 organisations are selected by the Settlement to receive two full time student placements for 8 weeks during the summer.

About the Settlement

The University of Glasgow Settlement was initially established in the late 19th Century by pioneering female students with the aim of helping support people in the poorer areas of Glasgow, and over the years the Settlement has contributed to a number of invaluable services and projects across the city.

Now in the 21st Century they not only seek to continue in this tradition but to also help students gain some invaluable work experience and develop the transferable skills they’ll need to succeed once they graduate.

Find a Solution

Find a Solution attempts to tie in with the course that students are studying and allow them to put the skills they’ve learnt through academic study to good use.

Each year, students are selected to help leading voluntary organisDRCET_StrategyCircleations to Find a Solution to a problem which they are currently facing in their workplace.

We will be looking at engaging with a range of stakeholders to find out more about their main environmental issues are and how aware they are of DRCET and the work we do. We will be focusing on increasing our profile and involvement and how this can contribute to our strategic development.

Some of the questions we will be looking to answer are:

  • what are the key local environmental and social issues are for our stakeholders
  • how aware are people of DRCET and how do our stakeholders perceive us
  • what impact has our work had
  • how can we reach more people
  • identify new projects and services

We will be making a presentation to the students on Wed 20 Feb in the John McIntyre Building. So if you think this sounds like an exciting project to get involved in or if you know of any Glasgow University students that might be interested in this placement then please tell them to email the Settlement programme or find them on Facebook.