As part of our monthly newsletter (you can subscribe here) we have a section called Friend Focus where we highlight the great work that is being undertaken by one of the many organisations that we work with.522220_370043786410126_1586935191_n

Our latest Friend Focus features DRC Youth Project, which is part of Yoker Resource Centre and which runs a range of activities for kids from 8-24 years old in Yoker and Scotstoun

The Dumbarton Road Corridor (DRC) Youth Project works with young people age 8 – 24 in the communities of Yoker, Scotstoun and Whiteinch. The project uses a community development holistic approach that is person centred and responsive to the needs of young people. This approach also allows the project to deliver its aims (see end of article) whilst making a positive contribute to the priorities identified by relevant agencies such as the City Council and Community Planning.

DRC_YouthProj_05The DRC Youth Project aims to deliver programmes that focus on the development of young people in areas which will affect them directly and indirectly within their local communities including health, alcohol/drug abuse and employability.

Arthur McNeaney, the Project Coordinator, commented that,

“Given the nature and severity of the issues young people tend to face, the DRC Youth Project has had to, over the years, become very diverse in its approach and its delivery. The project has achieved this by reviewing its past approaches while all the time listening to the needs and wishes of the young people we engage with.”DRC_YouthProj_01

“The project prefers to address young people’s various issues by using a more holistic approach. By doing this we look to view the other, wider social factors that may have affected our young people and on this we base our programme development.”

DRC_YouthProj_02“To help us with our programme development we have a very close relationship with a wide range of partners which means that we understand each other and where we stand in the communities of Whiteinch, Scotstoun, and Yoker. This common understanding and trust, we feel, lends itself to our success.”

“Continual consultation with partners as well as clients helps keep our finger on the pulse as to what is going on in and around Glasgow, and our partners, knowing the range and volume of clients we deal with, will always inform us of any possible opportunities where an accurate referral can be made or workshop/programme developed.”DRC_YouthProj_08

The range of services and activities includes (see the weekly schedule at end of article):

  • Support & Capacity Building for Youth Employment
  • Regular and consistent Youth Clubs
  • (Committee, youth participation) where young people are provided with opportunities to express their views
  • Cultural activities
  • Information & Advice Drop-in’s
  • Supported Group Work
  • Gender based work
  • Environmental & Heritage Arts
  • Community Safety Initiatives
  • Street Work
  • Video Projects
  • Promoting Positive Healthy Lifestyles
  • Accredited Courses
  • Outdoor Education & Cross Territory Residentials

DRCET will be working with DRC Youth Project over the coming months on the De’ils On Wheels Build Your Own Bike training programme.

For more information you can contact DRC Youth Project on 0141 951 8669 by email at or drop by their office at Yoker Resource Centre, 10 Kelso Place, Yoker.

DRC Youth Project Aims


  • To develop youth work programmes to encourage young people to become more active and to lead healthier lifestyles
  • To increase young people’s understanding and awareness of key health issues including drug & alcohol addiction, smoking, sexual health, diet & nutrition, mental health and oral health.
  • To increase young people’s participation in sporting activity, especially young women aged between 14-20.

Inclusion / involvement

  • To continually consult with and listen to young people who are both within and out with local youth work provision to ensure that the services being provided meet their needs
  • To develop and deliver life skills programmes to support young people to become independent and responsible adults
  • To continue with the building of our youth committee and to demonstrate the need for our local young people to be involved in the decision making process that may directly affect their lives.
  • To get our young people to volunteer within our communities so they have respect for the people and the things that make it up. We believe that ownership of tasks, events and buildings is the key to ensure that the future generations make the most of and enhance the environments they live in.


  • To continue to expand our work to pro-actively engage young people (16-24 with a special emphasis on 16-19’s) who are not in employment, education or training and establish clear pathways through which they can access and be supported to sustain positive outcomes.
  • To deliver confidence building, goal setting and motivational programmes to assist young people to fulfil their potential, with particular regard to employment, education and/or training.
  • Provide basic pre-employment support covering; Vocational direction, CV writing, Job Search, Application writing and interview skills.
  • To maintain and expand our now very popular Wednesday employability surgery.

Cross community work

  • To eradicate the gang culture divide that still exists that can confine certain young people to certain areas which in turn leads to missed opportunities.

Activity Schedule

Monday/Tuesday – Drop-ins (12yo+) – dedicated drop-ins are held at the start of each week to deal with any issues that the young people may have on a one to one basis, though it is our policy to be available for advice and one to one chats anytime. We tend to use this time for any specialist workshops delivered by partners from the health or social services (Sexual health- NHS, Runaway service –Aberlour etc).

Wednesday – Unders club (8-12yo) – Preparing the next generation for the transition to the main club. We believe that it is vitally important to get the young people early so they are subjected to a positive and controlled environment.

Wednesday – Activity nights (12yo+) – focus on sports, fitness confidence and wellbeing. This initiative has been very popular and well attended and has had a positive impact on the young people in the Dumbarton road corridor.

Thursday -Youth clubs (12yo+) – focuses on various generic youth club activities that promote positive role modelling, respectful and educational play, communication and behaviours.

Fridays – Boys Club (12yo+) This was requested by the harder to reach clients and has been very successful at letting us engage with this client group as a diversion from usual negative Friday night activities.

Friday night project (15yo+) – for both Scotstoun and Yoker members – health management, personal development, employability, generic activities.