Energy Efficiency and Minority Ethnic Communities

Energy costs are a crucial part of every home budget. The understanding of how to use energy efficiently helps to save money and therefore decreases risk of fuel poverty, it can also reduce one’s carbon footprint. Due to the language and cultural barriers minority ethnic communities are at high risk of WSREC_logobeing affected by fuel poverty. And so the West of Scotland Regional Equality Council has put together an information pack which is available in several languages.

The guide, called Warm’N’Dry, explains:

  • how to use less energy at home,
  • how to switch energy providers and chose the best tariffWarmandDry
  • how various payment methods work,
  • the importance of regular meter reading and tips on how to read meters and energy bills

The pack has generated very good feedback, both from their clients and energy advisors, who called the pack ‘user friendly’, ‘easy to understand’ and ‘a great help’ . The pack is now available to download from the WSREC website in English, Polish, Slovak, Somali and Swahili.

WSREC are encouraging people to use the Warm’N’Dry pack in your work and forward it to anyone that might be interested. Hard copies of the pack can be obtained by emailing indicating the number of copies and languages you would like to receive them in.

The Warm’n’Dry project was funded by the Scottish Power Energy People Trust

You can also get home energy advice from: