NorthinchStreet_During_05_20130711Last week we rounded up some keen volunteers and headed down to Northinch Street in Whiteinch to give the planters some much needed TLC. One of the issues we were keen to address was that the kerb and pavement areas had become really overgrown so no matter how nice the planters were looking this really detracted from the overall look. So on a typical Glasgow summers day (!!) we set about tidying the space up!

The group set about various tasks including weeding and thinning out the raised beds, planting and watering, weeding the pavement and clearing the kerbstones and guttering. As they say many hands makes light work and in just a few hours great progress was made. As you can see from the before and after photos the site looks so much better…

Some of the volunteers were taking part in an Xchange Scotland international volunteer exNorthinchStreet_Group01_20130711change programme. The volunteers, who were from Italy, Spain and Germany, are being hosted by the LINKES Project up in Knightswood. They are in Scotland for 6 weeks and we are providing them with a range of activities to help fill up their schedule. So a big thanks to them all for their great work in hot conditions!


The site is due to be developed into housing as part of Regency Home’s Jordanvale Village development. However the development is stalled with only Phase 1 (55 properties) having been completed with Phase 2 (117 properties) and Phase 3 (33 properties) stalled. The development site has become a real eyesore in the area although nature is slowly starting to takeover the site and making it a bit easier on the eye. The original planning application was approved back in August 2002 with further amendments approved in 2007.