Over the past few months there has been lots of activity in around Whiteinch and Scotstoun to upgStreetlights_Jul13_09arade the street lighting in many streets including Northinch Street in Whiteinch and Earl Street and Balmoral Street in Scotstoun.

The upgrade work has removing the old lampposts and the overhead power cables and replacing them with new state of the art lamposts with LED lighting units as well as burying the power cables.

We contacted the Council’s lighting department to find out more about the upgrade works, which form part of the Council’s lighting strategy, which was first reported in the Evening Times back in the Autumn of 2011.

According to the Council website: The lighting strategy seeks to address sustainability in its widest sense, looking not only at responsible energy management, but also at how lighting can contribute to improving the quality of the local environment through the creation of attractive, vibrant, active and well connected spaces and neighbourhoods.

A spokesperson said, “Glasgow City Council are working in partnership with SSE to provide a cost effective, innovative and energy saving street lighting solution, that will reduce the energy consumption, provide clearer controllable lighting and upgrade the current deteriorated street lighting in Glasgow.”

“SSE have installed new LED technology that will provide on average a 35% energy saving, the LED’s are maintenance free, therefore offering further savings to the Council. A Control Management System (CMS) system has also been installed, allowing Glasgow City Council to control the lighting output at specific times, which will offer additional savings to maximise its efficiency and provide a further increase in energy savings.”

“The overhead power lines have been removed and direct under ground connections have been installed, resulting in a modern, efficient and aesthetically pleasing street lighting solution to the residents and Authority of Glasgow.”