So our hard-working and trusty van has had a bit of a makeover. After getting through its MOTIMG_20130816_135445 we treated it to a service and also a good clean and polish as well as some new logos including De’ils On Wheels! Our own mobile advert!!

Check the van out – we think it looks great. And if you see us about the area give us a wave or a toot!!

All our contact details have been updated on the van so you can contact us by phone, email, website, Twitter and Facebook so hopefully. And we managed to keep and reuse some of the original logos which are still relevant to our work. And once we get DRCET logo printed it will be complete!

The van was purchased five years ago from Yoker Resource Centre with funding from the Climate Challenge Fund and we are grateful to the Garscadden and Scotstounhill Area Committee (which has been replaced by the new Area Partnership) for the funding for the new vinyls and logos for the van.