Yoker Resource Centre and Community Campus community garden is now host to the newest hotel in wpid-IMG_20130809_112646.jpgthe area – the Yoker Bug Hotel – with the grass roofed abode proving extremely popular with the local bug and insect population!

The community garden is in full bloom at the moment with plenty of apples on the trees, strawberries and other vegetables and fruit coming through!

The garden is maintained every week by the gardening team at Fortune Works (who were also shortisted for the Evening Times Streets Ahead Best Environmental Project award). As part of this they installed the bug hotel, which is made up of old pallets, bricks, twigs and old bits of wood etc – anything that the local bugs will find appealing! And it has all been finished off with a lovely turf roof to help keep the hotel dark and moist! If there was  Trip Advisor for bug hotels we are sure this would get 5 stars!

The Yoker After School club have also been mucking in and they recently made gooseberry and strawberry jam from produce in the garden!