CUS_New_DogFouling-CMYK-_280x282Dog Fouling Fortnight 2014 took place from Monday 1 to Sunday 14 September. A wide range of local organisations have been working together to coordinate a variety of promotion and awareness raising activities in Yoker, Scotstoun, Whiteinch and Knightswood in order to address this issue.

Ditch the Dirt Hero Award – we are delighted to announce that Clean Up Scotland awarded us this award this – see more info below!

It is estimated that in Glasgow over 10 tonnes of dog poo is created every day! GrabItThe majority of dog owners are responsible and pick up after their dog – this campaign is focussing on those irresponsible dog owners who don’t pick up after their dog!

You can read more about the 2014 and 2013 campaign below!

There is lots more information on the Campaign website – – We will be coordinating activity throughout the local area and so if you want to get involved then please get in touch – or 0141 433 0427

Activities for the 2014 Campaign

20140903_Kingsway_PinkPoo_01A quick update on the different activities that happened during the 2014 campaign including:

  • 31 dog poo surveys completed – almost twice as many as last year – undertaken by DRC Youth Project, St Paul’s Primary School, GHA Clydeside Tenant Partnership and DRCET covering Yoker, Scotstoun and Whiteinch.
  • The surveys covered over 5.5km unfortunately a total of 433 dog poos were counted which is 3 times the number of last year – this is in part due to the dry weather that we have had but shows that this is still a big problem in this area
  • Particular hot spots were the cycle track at Balmoral Street, the cycle track at Yoker Sports Centre, the football pitches at the back of St Paul’s Primary School and the open space areas of Kingsway Court estate
  • Pink poo campaign by GHA Clydeside Tenant Partnership at Kingsway Court and Earl Street backcourts and by DRCET on the cycle track – dog poos were sprayed pink to highlight the extent of the problem
  • Primary school pupils designing their own posters
  • Dog poo bags available at Heart of Scotstoun Community Centre and Kingsway Court Health and Wellbeing Centre
  • Campaign posters put up on the Scotstoun Community Council notice boards
  • Posters distributed to several local schools, businesses and community centres

The results of this year’s surveys are shown in the table below.

DRCET_DogPoo_Surveys_2014Ditch the Dirt Hero Award 2014

20141010_DitchTheDirt_04Clean Up Scotland decided to reward us for all our efforts and they named DRCET as the Ditch the Dirt Hero for 2014 – we were delighted to accept the award on behalf of everyone that took part in the campaign in the local area. 20141010_DitchTheDirt_01We had a photo shoot at St Paul’s Primary with representatives from DRC Youth Project, St Pauls’, GHA Clydeside Tenant Partnership and ourselves. So well done everyone!

We are looking forward to next year already!

Activities for the 2013 Campaign

Different activities happened during the 2013 campaign including:

Posters – these were placed in various places along Dumbarton Road including local shops, community centres, schools, closes, and on lamposts in order to raise awareness of the issue and to promote the 20131017_DogPooPostercampaign. You can download the campaign poster hereĀ DRC_DogFouling_Poster_Sep13

StPaulsDogPooPosterAlso Primary 4 pupils at St Paul’s Primary School designed there own posters for the campaign which were put up around the school including this great poster…

Survey Results – during the campaign 16 surveys were conducted in the local area including several local parks, playing fields, the cycle path as well as roads leading to the parks (we were walking down them anyway!).

The data is shown in the table below and some of the key findings (apart from the poo of course!) were:

    • 119 poos were found
    • On average there was a poo every 27 metres!
    • Bins were located on average every 200 metres!
    • The three hot spot locations which accounted for over 70% of the poos were:
      • the cycle path area in Balmoral Street
      • the football pitch at the back of St Paul’s Primary School
      • Earl Street either side of Balmoral Street


One dog poo every 27 metres – that’s really scary. So what does that mean? Will if Usain Bolt was to be based at Scotstoun Stadium during the Commonwealth Games and then he went training in our neighbourhood then he is highly likely to tread in 4 dog poos in the time it takes him to run 100m!!

What’s Next

We will be having a follow up meeting with the various partner organisations to look at how we can keep the momentum that has been gained during the campaign and looking at some of the ideas and suggestions that have been made including:

      • a harder hitting poster campaign
      • handing out free dog poo bags at different locations and events
      • dedicated dog toilets in local parks

If you want to get involved then please get in touch!

The Dog Fouling Fortnight campaign was coordinated by national charity Keep Scotland Beautiful as part of their wider Clean Up Scotland campaign.

Clean Glasgow

If you encounter dog fouling then you can report this to the Clean Glasgow team on 0800 027 7027



Several local organisations are working together on this campaign including: