Earlier this year the Glasgow Community Planning Partnership went through a restructure which saw the 10 local community planning partnerships disbanded and their role being split between the 3 Sector Community Planning Partnerships and the new look Area Partnerships which replaced the old Area Committees.CPP_Logo

The DRCET Project Manager has recently been elected as the substitute voluntary sector representative for the Ward 13 Garscadden / Scotstounhill Area Partnership.

The Area Partnership forms part of Glasgow Community Planning Partnership and the Aims and Objectives of the Glasgow CPP are to:

  • Develop a clear and shared long term vision for the city that sets out joint priorities performance indicators and targets.
  • Develop joint approaches to improving service delivery and the quality of life for the citizens of Glasgow.
  • Ensure that partnership working in the city is co-ordinated and cohesive.
  • Negotiate directly and collectively with the Scottish Government and other bodies on national policy and resource issues.
  • Support the development of active and informed communities that can engage with and have an influence on the community planning process.
  • Develop ways of working within the Community Planning Partnership that support the values of openness, parity between partners and achieving progress through consensus.
  • Make best use of partners’ resources in pursuit of shared objectives.

GlasgowCPPThe Glasgow CPP is headed by a Strategic Board, and 3 Sector Community Planning Partnerships (North West, North East and South) report to this board. Below this and reporting to the Sector Partnerships sit the 21 Area Partnerships covering the 21 electoral wards in the city.

The Terms of Reference of the Area Partnerships are:

  • To review and influence the operational progress made at an electoral ward level towards implementing the strategic priorities of the Glasgow Community Planning Partnership (GCPP) and Glasgow City Council (GCC), including those identified in the Single Outcome Agreement, Sector implementation plan and Sector investment strategy.
  • To provide feedback to the Sector Community Planning Partnership on the priorities of the Sector implementation plan and investment strategy.
  • To receive reports and feedback from appropriate partners and structures on the implementation of the strategic priorities of the GCPP and GCC at an electoral ward level.
  • To co-ordinate the development and implementation of electoral ward level Neighbourhood Management action plans which respond to local needs and opportunities.
  • To contribute to consultations and discussions on future plans and proposals relevant to the electoral ward.
  • To provide opportunities for communities to engage with the local community planning process.
  • To oversee an area grants process, as part of the Integrated Grants Fund, ensuring that it is consistent with the priorities of the GCPP, GCC, Sector implementation plan and Sector investment strategy.

The next meeting of the Ward 13 Garscadden/Scotstounhill Area Partnership is on Tuesday 22 October. The papers for the meeting can be accessed on the Council website by selecting the meeting date.