As an Environmental Trust understanding our own environmental impact is very important to us. Following on from our first Environmental Impact report last year we have recently produce our latest report which quantifies our environmental impact – or carbon footprint!

This year we have increased the scope of the report to include some staff business travel and staff commuting as well as the emissions from the De’ils On Wheels workshop and those related to the metal that we send for recycling.

Based on our calculations our total footprint for the year was 2.9 tonnes of CO2e – the equivalent to running an average car for 7.5 months! This was 10% higher than last year however this is in part due to the increased scope of the report ie we are measuring more contributing factors to our carbon footprint.

Last year the only two factors that were measured were our utility use in our main office and our van use. If we do a direct comparison with last year then our carbon footprint has actually reduced by 14%, which is mainly due to dirving less miles in the van.

The two biggest contributory factors to our environmental impact are the same as last year – the use of our van and the utility use of our office space, which account for approx 57% and 21% of our footprint respectively. However with the increased scope the third largest contributory factor this year is staff commuting, which accounts for over 15% of our total footprint.

The following image shows our total emissions for this year on the left, and then a comparison between this year and last year for the two comparable factors. The size of each pie cart is the relative footprint size so although our overall footprint has increased our like-for-like footprint has reduced.


Another useful way of measuring our footprint is per employee which gives us a footprint of 2.4 tonnes CO2e per FTE employee, which is more than double the level of last year.

By starting to measure our carbon footprint we are then able to look at ways to reduce it and we will continue to look at this over the coming months!

You can download the report here DRCET_EnvironmentalImpactReport_2012-13