For the past couple of years Kingsway Court has been going through a serious transformation. 20131016_KingswayDemo03Blocks 30, 40, 50 and 60 have been fully refurbished inside and out and now the external landscaping has been started. At the same time Blocks 10 and 20 have been prepared for demolition which has also started in preparation for new homes being built at the Dumbarton Road end of the estate.

This work is all happening at the same time which clearly causes disruption for people moving about the estate. However it also offers an interesting insight into the past, present and future of the estate.

The demolition process has created a huge vertical canvas in the sky which changes on a daily basis. The colours and patterns on the walls of the different rooms represents a patchwork of human history over the past 50 years – from births to deaths, to house warmings to flittings – you can’t help but wonder how many people have lived here over the years, where they came from and where they have gone to?

The refurbishment process has created a different type of picture. With the 4 blocks complete the refurbishment has moved onto the landscaping and has created a big flat canvas on the floor and looks to the future with new paths being built – I wonder how many people will live here over the coming years?

The Scottish Refugee Council have commissioned a piece of work – ‘A View From Here’ – which will tell a powerful story of the lives of the residents of the high rise flats at Norfolk Court in the Gorbals and the Lincoln Avenue flats in Knightswood: their relationships, their struggles, their hopes, their dreams, and the heritage of the areas. There will be performances on 29 and 30 November in Knightswood.