The winter edition of the Transition Free Press is now out! We have copies of the paper in the office so if you would like on then please let us know.tfp_issue4_winter2013_frontpage_web

Transition Free Press is a new national tabloid newspaper. It is being run a pilot for four issues during 2013 and contains a mix of news, reviews and features, dedicated pages to energy, the land, people, economy, food, well-being,  the arts, cartoons and sport.

One review said…

TFP_2013-11-26-14-40-12“Its an impressive read.. 24 pages packed with a wide range of stories. The front page kicks off with a feature on the growing number of large protest groups over issues such as fracking, climate change, social inequality, corporate tax avoidance, and the banks’ control over money supply. It goes on to explore how many of these are becoming or generating grassroots movements focussed on offering solutions which, instead of material goals, are oriented around common values.”

You can find out more at Transition Free Press.