Glasgow City Council are undertaking a survey regarding the development of a new Energy and Carbon Master Plan for Glasgow.logo

The survey is looking at how Glasgow needs to be thinking about how it meets its energy needs in the future given the national debate about energy prices and how we pay for energy efficiency and green energy. Responses are requested before Thursday 9th January 2014

The survey asks you about Glasgow’s existing vision for sustainable energy; the benefits it can bring to the city and the climate change targets that the Council aim to meet as their contribution to national and international commitments. It also asks about what your organisation is currently doing and is interested in with respect to energy and carbon reduction.

This survey is being conducted by STEP UP (Strategies Towards Energy Performance and Urban Planning) which is a European energy and sustainable city planning project that aims to help cities improve their Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP’s). It started in Nov 2012 and will conclude in April 2015.logo

The project is a partnership of 12 organisations consisting of municipal, research and commercial partners in the cities of Ghent, Glasgow, Gothenburg and Riga. Glasgow City Council’s project partners are University of Strathclyde and Scottish Power.

The project will help deliver an enhanced SEAP, building on the Sustainable Glasgow Report that was published in 2010. This set a target for Glasgow to reduce its carbon emissions by 30% by 2020, highlighting actions that could be taken on energy use in buildings and transport and promoting the production of renewable energy. The enhanced SEAP will be the Energy and Carbon Master Plan for Glasgow.

If you have any questions, contact Glasgow STEP UP* Team