GCPH_logo_high_resolution_mediumGlasgow Centre for Population Health has published its latest briefing paper – Concepts Series 12 – Resilience for public health: supporting transformation in people and communities at a launch event that was recently held at The Lighthouse.

The briefing and its accompanying report explore the concept of resilience and its application within the field of public health.

Individual and community resilience

Fiona Garven, Director of the Scottish Community Development Centre (SCDC), who has reviewed the research, commented:
“The research covers aResilience lot of ground, from understanding the concept of resilience to the application of resilience thinking in terms of governance, culture, economy and infrastructure. Two aspects resonated with me most: the links between individual resilience and community resilience; and, how the outcome of a resilient community can be achieved through community development and community empowerment.”

GCPH_Resilience_StoryBoardThe launch event for the research was a joint effort between GCPH, SCDC, the Community Development Alliance Scotland and the Community Learning and Development Standards Council for Scotland.

There was a good turn out for the event, with a diverse range of people and organisations in attendance. A really great feature of the event was the use of an artist and illustrator (Ogilvie Design) to capture some of the delegates thoughts by turning them into pictures.

GCPH have also produced an animation, which was shown at the launch event, that explains the research and the concepts about resilience in a easier to understand format.