Glasgow was recently selected as one of 33 cities around the world to be part of the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities Centennial Challenge. The challenge identified cities who have demonstrated a dedicated commitment to building their own capacities to prepare for, withstand, and bounce back rapidly from shocks and stresses.ResilientCities

Glasgow’s Resilience Challenge is: Glasgow is a city in transformation. While its legacy as a post-industrial city presents unique challenges on the path toward climate resilience, the city’s ambition is to be one of the most sustainable in Europe. Glasgow is making a significant commitment to long-term sustainable development through lower emissions, increased energy efficiency and a healthier environment for its citizens.

The Rockefeller Foundation launched the 100 Resilient Cities Centennial Challenge to enable 100 cities to better address the increasing shocks and stresses of the 21st century. Out of nearly 400 cities across six continents that have applied, 100 of the world’s cities will be selected to receive technical support and resources for developing and implementing plans for urban resilience over the next three years.

The response to the launch of the challenge has been enormous, with more than 1,000 registrations and nearly 400 formal applications from cities around the world. Each city was asked to present a clear and compelling description of how they are approaching and planning for resilience to decrease vulnerabilities, and after careful review of the applications, a panel of esteemed judges, including former presidents Bill Clinton and Olosegun Obasanjo, recommended the first set of 33 cities for the 100 Resilient Cities Network.

Glasgow along with Bristol are the only two cities in the UK to have been selected in the first round of applications.