ScotstounCC_logoAs part of our monthly newsletter (you can subscribe here) we have a section called Friend Focus where we highlight the great work that is being undertaken by one (or more) of the many organisations that we work with.

Our latest Friend Focus features Scotstoun Community Council!

Scotstoun Community Council enjoyed a successful 2013 representing residents on the issues that the community asked them to address and moving forward with proposals for forging an even stronger sense of community. They have set themselves targets for 2013-2015 to ensure that all residents within Scotstoun Community Council area are aware of what they are doing as the community council and also to improve the environment of the area in collaboration with agencies such as Glasgow City Council Land and Environmental Services and Dumbarton Road Corridor Environment Trust.

One of the most important issues for them is to raise the profile of the community council in the area and they have engaged in a number of projects to increase the visibility of their work (including this Friend Focus!). Residents may have seen a version of their new logo (as above) on documents or notices on display and they enthusiastically embraced the suggestion that the river symbol should be associated with Scotstoun Community Council as the River Clyde forms the southern border of the community council area.

They recently secured a map licence of the community council area which will soon feature on notices so that those who live in Scotstoun can be clear about the community council area and the map can be unveiled here:


During 2013 they also established their own website as a resource to disseminate information about what they are doing and about events and news in Scotstoun. The website is a ‘work in progress’ and any feedback or suggestions would be much appreciated.

20140409_NoticeboardDanes1Another success story has been accessing funding through the Area Partnership budget to establish three community notice boards as not everyone has access to or uses the internet to find out what is going on in the local area. The notice boards are located at the ‘Recreation Pitch’ at Scotstoun Primary School, at ‘Danes Drive Bowls Park’ and at ‘Daisy Park’ on Dumbarton Road. They hope the notice boards will make it more convenient to keep everyone up to date with what is happening in the community council area.

StronvarLaneThe Community Council is also eagerly awaiting news about their proposal to work at the Stronvar Lane plots where they hope to plant Spring bulbs and perennials after they have cleared litter and debris from the site. With visitors expected in the area during the Commonwealth Games it would be good to show Scotstoun as a lovely place to be. They also have other proposals underway to develop more community green spaces for visitors and residents to enjoy.

In the small-scale surveys they conducted in October and in December 2013 one respondent identified that a priority for the community is to find ‘ways to work together to address the social isolation of the elderly’ and a local business respondent commented ‘we have never had any communications with yourselves previously of any type let alone to help improve business. Basic things genuinely will help.’ They hope that the work they are doing demonstrates their commitment to represent all who live and work in Scotstoun, creating new links within the community and consolidating the assets in the area for everyone.

If you have an interest in helping them to achieve these aspirations they currently have 3 places vacant for anyone willing to represent residents in the community council area – eligible residents are invited to consider joining them.

The Community Council meets at 7.30pm on the last Thursday of the month (except December, July & August). Meetings are held at Heart of Scotstoun Community Centre. If interested, why not come along to find out more – all residents of the area welcome to attend! You can contact the Community Council on m: 07580 182916, e: and w: