Dev_Plan_button_1Glasgow City Council has published its Proposed City Development Plan (CDP) together with associated documents, including a Strategic Environmental Assessment, Revised Interim Environmental Report and Habitats Regulations Appraisal.  The Proposed CDP sets out the Council’s strategy for the future use of land and, when adopted, it will replace City Plan 2 as the basis for making decisions on planning applications in the City.

The proposals also include the proposed North Clyde FastLink route. This proposal was originally to feature as part of the upgrade proposed along South Street, however the current plans are for the FastLink route to go along a section of the current cycle path from Curle Street in Whiteinch to the Burnham Road bridge.

Proposed route of FastLink along the cycle path

Proposed route of FastLink along the cycle path (blue dotted line)

The Council would welcome your views on any of the issues, policies or development proposals set out in the CDP or in the supporting documents.  A copy of the Proposed CDP may be inspected, during normal business hours, at the Mitchell Library, all local libraries and at Development and Regeneration Services, 231 George Street, Glasgow.  All documents can also be viewed and downloaded on the Council’s website and further information on them can be obtained either via the website, by emailing or by phoning 0141 287 8608.

Anyone wishing to make representations on the Proposed CDP, or associated documents, must do so using the representation form.  The form can be found on the Council’s website at  It can be submitted electronically or downloaded and returned by email to  Alternatively, hard copies can be returned to the Development Plan Team, Development and Regeneration Services, Glasgow City Council, 231 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RX.

You can also download the represenation form and the guidance on how to comment here GCC_LDP_representation-form and GCC_LDP_Guidance-Note

Representations must be received by 4pm on Friday 27 June 2014.