ItsYourCommunity-logoThis week Community Safety Glasgow launched a new website – It’s Your Community – to make it easier for people to report issues in their local community. The website is a pilot project and the first area to be covered is the Calton ward. If the pilot is a success then the site will be rolled out across all 21 wards across the City.

Their vision is for a Safer Glasgow, where anyone who knows anything about crimes that affect their community, can know and trust it’s your community as a safe way to pass on information. They believe that people in communities across Glasgow have the right to live without crime and without the fear of crime.

When crime does take place, they believe that anybody who knows those responsible should go to the police. However, many people who want to take action may be close to the perpetrator or fear retribution. It’s Your Community offers a secure and anonymous way to get that information to the police, making their families and communities safer.