20140624_BikeHireLaunch02The new Glasgow bike hire scheme – or to give it it’s full title – Mass Automated Hire Scheme (MACH) – was launched this week by Cllr Gordon Matheson at an event in George Square. The scheme is operated by NextBike and there are now 400 bikes available across the city at 31 different bike hire stations.

STV Glasgow have been out and about testing the bikes and seeing what people think about the bikes. They’ve also produced a handy guide to everything you need to know about the bike hire scheme!

20140624_083933The bike hire scheme is a welcome addition to the City’s active travel options although for it to be really successful it needs to be available across the whole city (there is only one station on the Southside and not much past the West End) and the Council needs to further increase the investment in cycle friendly infrastructure and roads.

It is hoped that the scheme will encourage people not to bring the car into the city centre which will help address the air pollution problem, which is an issue that Friends of the Earth Scotland are actively campaigning on.

You can get 50% of annual membership up until 30 June and the membership allows you to use bikes wherever NextBike operate – and they are soon to launch in Stirling!

Check out our photos and a wee video from STV Glasgow below!