GCC_Bees This week Glasgow City Council started to host thousands of new visitors at the City Chambers – with the installation of two colonies of bees on the roof of the Chambers! 120,000 bees have taken up residence on the roof of the iconic building as part of Sustainable Glasgow’s plans for Green Year 2015.

Honeybees are important pollinators but unfortunately they are under threat from disease, increased use of pesticides, lack of foraging and climate change.

GreenGlasgowStalled Spaces and Sustainable Glasgow are increasing their numbers by housing two colonies high above George Square on the flat roof of the City Chambers. The new arrivals have already proved a huge hit with council staff who have volunteered in swarms to look after them. An appeal for volunteers to be trained in hive management was inundated and there is now a waiting list to join the course. The bees have been installed by Plan Bee Ltd.

You can find out more about Green Year 2015 by following @greenglasgow on twitter.