20140903_Kingsway_PinkPoo_01Staff at Clydeside Tenant Partnership LHO are undertaking a couple of initiatives to encourage responsible dog ownership and allow them to tackle dog fouling within the multi-storey flats at Kingsway, which are helping to support the Ditch the Dirt campaign.

Following on from an extensive programme of refurbishments to the flats and the surrounding estate the housing officers are running a dog registration scheme whilst the enforcement officers are using a pink spray paint to highlight dog fouling in back courts around Earl Street and Dumbarton Road and on the Kingsway Estate.

When tenants ask about what the pink stuff is the staff are able to explain what the paint represents, This highly visible approach is having a positive effect and producing some good results. All residents that do have a dog registered are also provided with a list of do’s and don’t’s for keeping a dog.