voicelogoOver the past 10 months we have been getting support from the Scottish Community Development Centre through their Supporting Communities programme.

We have been working on various different aspects and this week we undertook training on the VOiCE – Visioning Outcomes in Community Engagement.

VOiCE is planning and recording software that assists individuals, organisations and partnerships to design and deliver effective community engagement and can be used to support a range of participation from overall area regeneration to specific concerns of users of particular services.


Happy participants and trainers!

The training was held at Heart of Scotstoun Community Centre and there were also participants from Scotstoun Community Council and Heart of Scotstoun taking part as well. It is hoped that this will help create a peer support group in the local area in the use of VOiCE.

VOiCE enables all users to employ a common system for analysing, planning, monitoring, evaluating and recording their community engagement.

VOiCE is published by the Scottish Government as part of its support for the implementation of the National Standards for Community Engagement.