20141010_DitchTheDirt_01Last week we were delighted to accept the Ditch the Dirt Hero award 2014 for taking action on dog fouling.

The Clean Up Scotland campaign, run by the independent charity Keep Scotland Beautiful, recognised Dumbarton Road Corridor Environment Trust for taking a stand 20141010_DitchTheDirt_04against irresponsible dog ownership, and involving the wider community in changing behaviour. The award is made as part of the national Ditch the Dirt campaign which has highlighted the Scotland-wide negative impact of dog fouling.

The Trust has undertaken a wide range of activities as part of their local campaign, including dog poo surveys highlighting the scale of the problem locally, even spraying poo pink in an attempt to embarrass those who refuse to clean up after their dog.

The award was accepted by Neil Lovelock, the Trust’s project manager, who was keen to highlight the fact that this was a community effort. On receiving the award, he said:

CUS_New_DogFouling-CMYK-_280x282“This is the second year we have been involved in the Ditch the Dirt campaign and collectively we were able to have a much greater impact than just working on our own. As with many similar problems it tends to be the actions of a few irresponsible dog owners that cause problems for a lot of people. Most people do care about these issues and through the Ditch the Dirt campaign we have been we have been able to encourage and support people and organisations to take action on these issues.”

“Getting lots of people to take some simple actions can really make a big difference. Most people do take pride in their neighbourhood and we are always encouraging people to take action, no matter how small, to make a difference to their neighbourhoods.

“We would like to thank all the local organisations who have contributed to the campaign over the past two years – this is award is for everyone that has taken part – and we look forward to building on the success that we have achieved to date.

StPaulsDogPooPosterDerek Robertson, Chief Executive of Keep Scotland Beautiful, has called for a renewed determination to change behaviour amongst irresponsible dog owners:

“Our Ditch the Dirt Hero recognises the great work the Trust has done in the local area. Whether it is using their website to build campaign momentum, or getting many of their volunteers to undertake clean-up campaigns of their own, this has been a great effort.”

“We hope this national recognition for the Trust draws attention to the power of community effort, and give the careless dog-owners a simple message: it’s time to clean up your act, clean up after your dog. All you have to do is Grab it, bag it, bin it – any public litter bin will do!”

Suitably bagged, dog waste can be disposed of in any public litter bin, or the many dedicated dog waste bins that are provided. A support pack can be downloaded from www.keepscotlandbeautiful.org/ditchthedirt, and a supply of poo bags is available on request from info@cleanupscotland.com

Keep Scotland Beautiful is demanding a zero-tolerance approach to dog fouling, and is urging all dog owners to Ditch the Dirt and help clean up Scotland. So far, a massive 390,000 people have taken part in Clean Up Scotland, each doing their bit to clean-up and green-up their local environment.