20141105_Stronvar_Steps_After_InstaThe guys from the West Glasgow Green Gym were down in Scotstoun this week. We had invited them along in order to tackle the Stronvar Lane steps which had become over grown with weeds and strewn with litter and plastics bags. We thought it was going to be a big ask for only a few hours of effort so we had also invited along Scotstoun Community Council and we had been in touch with GHA Clydeside Tenant Partnership to see what support they could provide.

Thankfully everyone managed to make a great contribution and we had a fantastic day enjoying the glorious winter sun. As you can see from the photos we made a big difference to the steps and hopefully they will be kept clean and tidy from now on. Many thanks to everyone that helped out on the day and to the team at GHA Clydeside Tenant Partnership for the help and assistance and for taking all the rubbish and green waste away!

We will be along at Whiteinch with the Green Gym next week so pop down if you want to lend a hand!