The guys down at The Whiteinch News did a piece about the Neighbourhood Improvement Volunteers programme for the latest issue…

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A LOCAL environment project is making a plea for more Whiteinch residents to help tackle street problems, such as litter, graffiti and dog fouling.

Dumbarton Road Corridor Environment Trust recently held an information session on the Clean Glasgow Neighbourhood Improvement and Enforcement Service at Whiteinch Community Centre – but was met with a slow response.

However, the trust is continuing to express its interest in getting more residents on board as Neighbourhood Improvement Volunteers (NIVs), joining the eight existing volunteers who currently take part.

DRCET project manager, Neil Lovelock, said: “Part of the reason for doing this is to get people more active and often it’s about minor issues becoming bigger. For example, if some rubbish has been fly-tipped, then more rubbish could be fly-tipped and if that doesn’t get dealt with, that becomes a problem.”

The project is in partnership with Community Safety Glasgow and encourages…

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