LFHW-logoLove Food Hate Waste are offering free, fun and interactive training sessions to help everyone make the most of their food and save money. The training will provide groups with the skills and knowledge to pass on Love Food Hate Waste messages to their community / volunteers / friends and neighbours, and in so doing help them to reduce their food waste and save money. The only stipulation is that those attending the workshops live in the Glasgow City Council postcode area.

The training session will be held from 1pm to 4pm on Monday 23 February 2015, at Knightswood Community Centre, 201 Alderman Road, Glasgow G13 3DD.

food-waste-blogParticipants will be asked to keep a food waste diary for a week in the run up to the event. If you want to get involved in reducing food waste in your community then please sign up for the training session.

To book your place please contact Drumchapel L.I.F.E. on 0141 944 6004 or email kenny@drumchapellife.co.uk

This event has been organised by Dumbarton Road Corridor Environment Trust and Drumchapel L.I.F.E. in partnership with Love Food Hate Waste.

The training session is a mix of presentations and interactive work designed to be fun, engaging and helpful. It will cover the background to, and issues around, food waste; the key behaviours to help reduce food waste and support on engaging with others/passing the messages on.

LOVE FOOD HATE WASTE - MANCHESTERAt the end of the session attendees will:

  • Understand the significance of food waste, its causes and consequences
  • Have an awareness of what steps food manufacturers, suppliers and retailers are taking to help us all waste less food.
  • Understand Love Food Hate Waste tips and advice and know how they themselves can benefit from this such as:
    • Meal planning such as making shopping lists and sticking to them, checking the cupboard before going to the shops, preparing a weekly meal plan.
    • Correct portioning to ensure people cook just the right amount – for example using measuring cups/jugs, weighing scales, confidence when cooking portions, using the Love Food Hate Waste portion calculator.
    • Better storage such as storing bread in a cupboard (not fridge), using bag clips to keep things fresh, storing in air tight containers, using your freezer.
    • Making the most of leftovers which includes innovative recipes and ideas for wasting less and better freezer use.
    • Date Labels: understanding the difference between ‘Use By’, ‘Best Before’, ‘Sell By’ and ‘Display Until’.
  • Be able to engage with others on Love Food Hate Waste and help share the benefits.
  • Be able to plan, deliver and monitor the outcome of their activities and communication around Love Food Hate Waste using new and existing opportunities available to them.
  • Know how to access information and resources to support them in spreading the message.

A full support pack will be provided, which includes a comprehensive handbook and copies of all the activities used in the training, as well as a planning sheet and an event tracker. Attendees will also receive a certificate of attendance to acknowledge their involvement in this national initiative. On-going support is available through monthly online newsletters and via our partners’ website.

Download the poster here DRCET-DrumLIFE_LFHW_CascadeEventPoster