Part of photo showing Victoria Park

Recently we came across this fantastic photo of Whiteinch inclduing Victoria Park which was posted on the friends of Victoria Park Facebook page.

The photo was taken around the mid-1960s and you can see the full extent of the park,  the swimming pool in Whiteinch,  the brand new exit from the Clyde Tunnel,  the old Whiteinch Riverside Station. The photos are very high quality so you can zoom in and see lots of detail.

There are several other aerial photos from across the city on the website and in terms of where the photos have come from the site says:

“I’m not really sure of the exact provenance of the images – all I know is that a group of us bought them as a job lot on Ebay in 2006 in order to ensure that they didn’t disappear into some private archive. From the stamps, they clearly come from the Planning Department of what was then Glasgow Corporation. The photos cover a span of what appears to be around 10 years, from maybe around the late 50s to the late 60s. A few of them show the same area prior to, during and after clearance and redevelopment of the city’s dense inner-city neighbourhoods, as well as some of the outlying suburbs”