YOG_cropped_imageGlasgow Green Year 2015 recently launched their new dedicated website and app. The launch event was held at the Winter Gardens at People’s Palace and featured special flooring using innovative Pavegen technology which captures the energy of participants’ steps and converts it into electricity.

Bailie Liz Cameron, Chair of Green Year who helped to launch the Green Year app and website in the Winter Gardens in Glasgow Green, said: “This is a fantastic fun way to raise awareness of Glasgow’s green aspirations not only for our city but our citizens as well. From little or small steps we can make major changes in our own lives and by being greener we can help save ourselves money, cut our fuel bills and improve our own, our community’s, our city and country’s carbon footprint.”

The Winter Gardens was also chosen for the location of the launch to highlight the fact that Green Year 2015 will mark the city’s journey from Steam to Green. 2015 is the 250th anniversary of inventor James Watt conceiving of the combustion engine while walking on Glasgow Green close to the Winter Gardens. His eureka moment kick-started the industrial revolution which transformed Glasgow and the world.

You can contact Glasgow Green Year via the website, by email or by following their Twitter feed.