FoVP_SwansFriends of Victoria Park are hosting a public talk by local resident Susan Harris, on the Waterfowl nests on Victoria Park Pond. The talk will take place at 7.00pm on Thursday 21 May 2015.

Susan’s talk will describe how the naturalising of the pond border near the blue bridges has triggered a blossoming of waterfowl nesting on the pond. The talk is aimed at anybody who visits the park, not just birdwatchers. So whether you walk in the park every day or if you have an interest in nature you may be interested to hear about the habits and development of the birds they see all the time.

The event will take place at St Thomas Aquinas School, 112 Mitre Rd, Glasgow G14 9PP. The talk will be followed by the FoVP AGM. FoVP_Talk-AGM_2015