Recycle-Reward-News1_0A new report investigating the options for a refundable cash deposit for recycling drinks bottles and cans in Scotland has recently been released by Zero Waste Scotland.

National deposit return systems already operate in many other countries, as a measure to improve recycling and cut litter. The systems see customers pay a small cash deposit when they buy a drink in a can or bottle, and get the money back when they return the item to a collection point. The items can then be recycled into new containers or other packaging.

The study explores the role that such a scheme could play in reducing litter, complementing local authority recycling services, and improving recyclate quality.  It also considers the potential costs of such a system. The study models what a Scottish system could look like, based on a comprehensive comparison of other systems operated across the globe.  The model included a deposit of between 10p and 20p per item, and covered all drinks and containers, including bottles, cans and cartons.