Give Everyone Cycle Space is a Cycling Scotland campaign to encourage more people to cycle. It aims to create high levels of driver awareness around people on bikes to make Scotland’s roads more cycle friendly.

GiveEveryoneCycleSpace_1The campaign works on a national and local level. At a national level, the Give Everyone Cycle Space message will be visible on buses, bus shelters, billboards, online and on television – you can watch the video here.

Locally, Cycling Scotland is working with 14 local authorities to deliver a range of activities including route planning workshops, lesson planning, led rides between primary and secondary schools and a cycle to school competition.

The campaign is primarily aimed at people in cars. We are asking drivers to be considerate of people on bikes and give them plenty of road space when overtaking. We are also talking to parents. We want parents to see the local activities in action and be reassured that the roads around their child’s school are more cycle-friendly. We hope more children will cycle to school as a result.