SCC_Planter_01Scotstoun Community Council have been planting spring flowering bulbs and perennial hardy geranium in various ‘green plots’ and planters across the Community Council area. The project has been funded by the Ward 13 Area Partnership area budget.

SCC_Goldberry_GreenPlotEach ‘green plot’ has been planted with 8-10 plants facing the pavements or paths. The intention is to create a short line of colour at these borders as a visual indicator of Scotstoun Community Council’s project and to improve the appearance of the area. The planted borders have been prepared and will be maintained in the first instance by SCC volunteers and hopefully in subsequent years by residents or local businesses in the vicinity of the sites.

SCC_Kingsway_GreenPlotThe plants include snowdrops, bluebells, wild daffodils, and 3 types of geraniums. The ‘green plots’ are located at Goldberry Ave and Anniesland Road (close to Scotstounhill Station); Anniesland Road/Kingsway triangle; Esslemont Path; on Dumbarton Road close to the end of the Expressway and at the bottom of Anniesland Road and Kingsway. There are also some bulbs planted at the Stronvar steps, the Nature Walk and at the small park at the end of Balmoral Street.

SCC_Planter_025 Victoriana style planters were chosen with the aim of matching the style of pavement litter bins already sited in the area. Each planter has been planted up with Carex, Festuca and Pennisetum following advice taken from Royal Horticultural Society to provide evergreen foliage resistant to traffic fumes and with Eunonymous, Thyme, Rosemary, Lavender for structure and fragrance. The locations indicated in the photographs below are on the pavements close to local business buildings on Dumbarton Road. These locations have been chosen because planters positioned at these sites do not impede access to doorways.