20150616_C2E_DRCET_PhotoPress release issued by Quality Scotland…

The hard work and dedication of staff and volunteers at Dumbarton Road Corridor Environment Trust based on Balmoral Street in Scotstoun, has scooped the coveted Committed to Excellence award at the Scottish Awards for Business Excellence organised by Quality Scotland.

Dumbarton Road Corridor Environment Trust secured its award for ‘maintaining a consistently high level of ‘best practice’ quality procedures within the scope of its business excellence strategy.’

Neil Lovelock from Dumbarton Road Corridor Environment Trust, commented:

“This ‘Committed to Excellence’ Award gives our staff and volunteers recognition of just how important a role they play amongst the people and local communites we serve. In the past year, we have seen not just some extraordinary work and outstanding achievement carried out by our staff and volunteers, but a major shift in how the importance of the wider impact of what we do is appreciated by local community groups across the area.”

Logo_EFQM_C2E1star2015Offering her congratulations, Claire Ford, Chief Executive Officer, Quality Scotland said;

“Dumbarton Road Corridor Environment Trust stands out as a prime example of how a commitment to sustaining business excellence can bring about transformational change to a social enterprise organisation in relation to its people development and best practice programmes.

The staff and its many volunteers acknowledge that business excellence is a continual journey and can take great heart in what they have achieved with this ‘Committed to Excellence’ success.”

Quality Scotland is a charitable organisation that promotes Business Excellence across Scotland in the private, public and voluntary sectors. As a member-based organisation, Quality Scotland was established in 1991 to help organisations throughout Scotland achieve and be recognised for Excellence, and in doing so, gain real and sustainable competitive advantage.

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