Green Gym 6Note – Tue 28 Jul: change of activity – we will now be doing a litter pick and clean up along the cycle path as we believe that the Himalayan balsam has been sprayed with herbicide.

As part of the habitat management programme for the Greener Greenway from Whiteinch to Milton (NCN route 7), there will be a summer clean up session on Wednesday 29 July from 10am to 2pm (if you cannot stay until then, we are grateful for the time you give). Meeting point is 10am at Dock Street.

Note: change of meeting point – we will meet at the end of Greenlaw Road at the access point to the cycle path.

We will be joining forces with the volunteers from Sustrans Scotland and this will also include uprooting a big growth of Himalayan Balsam on the section between Renfrew/Yoker Ferry access path and Dock St.

Himalayan balsam is an invasive species which chokes out native species, but, if we can uproot it before it’s seed pods explode, we can check its growth and improve the chances of native species thriving. It is fairly easy to uproot – grip the stem firmly near the ground and pull with a steady pressure (not a jerk) and it will come out. Snap the stem and hang the remains in the fork of a tree or on a pile that we will create. This will prevent it re-rooting and stop water rising through the stem.

Please wear long sleeves as there will also be native nettles amongst the balsam. We will provide work gloves if you do not have your own.