VictoriaParkBlaisePitchesAlmost a year after Glasgow City Council put the blaes pitches in Victoria Park up for rent, via Rydens Property Ltd, the Council has released the results of the consultation process designed to elicit opinions on proposals for the derelict blaes pitches at Victoria Park.

Almost 1500 people responded to the consultation. The results show people consider there to be pros and cons for all proposals but there appears to be less objection to the Friends of Victoria Park community orchard proposal.

A spokesperson for Friends of Victoria Park said, “We are heartened by the support the proposal received. Crucially we note the strong view emerging that suggests that the park must be open and available to everyone; and the disquiet that many people feel with what they see as the possible commercialisation of the Park.”

The full results are available as a PDF file on the Glasgow City Council consultation web portal.

The results of the survey will now be considered as part of a review and recommendation process for the future of the pitches. The Council will provide more details of this process and timescales in due course, and advise that consultation will now begin with appropriate external bodies. Key stakeholders will be engaged in the process after the Council recess.

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